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Congratulations to Our Pamper Your Assistant Contest Winners


We are proud to announce our winners for this year’s Pamper your Assistant Contest. Thank you to all our tenants who entered and told us the wonderful stories of your beloved assistants.


Congratulations to our first-place winner, Kim Battle!

Kim has worked with Emory Healthcare for 20 + years. Jim Perry nominated her saying: “She is without question the most
dependable and reliable person I have had the pleasure to work with. She amazes all who meet her as she always has a cheery, can-do disposition at work each and every day.”

Kim provides administrative support for all four floors Emory occupies and its over 400 staff members.  She is truly a blessing as she supports
all of them with supplies, food, coordination of the facilities and much more. Her ability to balance both work and home so well is amazing, as she is the person who takes her husband to doctor’s appointments. When she leaves work each day, her work day is just beginning. Congratulations, Kim!


Congratulations to our second-place winner, Joyce Calloway!

Joyce works with the Division of Realtor Safety in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. She was nominated by Anthony
Gody who refers to her as Wonder Admin. Joyce stepped in after the team suddenly lost one of their administrative assistants and because of her hard work and go-getter attitude, Joyce’s diligent work ethic allowed the team to meet all of their goals at the end of the year. Andy nominated Joyce (a.k.a. Wonder Admin) with this colorful comic book submission. Congratulations, Joyce


Congratulations to our third-place winner, Sonya Burks!

Sonya works with U.S. Small Business Administration as their Legal Assistant. She assists 10 different attorneys across eight different states. She was nominated by Valerie Parente who said, “it’s an impossible task to attempt to explain the many reasons why Sonya deserves to be pampered, but here goes nothing.” Valerie goes on to list the many reasons why Sonya rocks, including that she shares her snacks, doesn’t crack under pressure and is caring, kind and any other “good” adjective out there. Congratulations, Sonya!