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Exercise for a Prize with our Fitspot Summer Fitness Challenge!


Summer is in full swing and it is HOT, which can make it difficult to commit to a fitness plan! Keeping in mind that it’s STILL swim suit season, we are here to help incentivize you to stay on that Summer workout regimen with our ‘Exercise for a Prize’ fitness challenge throughout the entire month of July!

The rules are simple: sign up to participate in our FREE fitness classes July 1 – July 31 offered in the Peachtree Center Plaza* (powered by Fitspot) – the more you participate, the more points you earn.  At the end of the month, Five (5) lucky winners with the highest point totals will win Amazon gift cards valued between $15-$100!

Please visit the website to view the July schedule & complete contest rules so you can sign up for classes and start earning points TODAY! (use code “peachtree477” and a valid work email)