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Peachtree Center is All In on Art

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Peachtree Center and Banyan Street Capital have placed an emphasis on art by incorporating elaborate murals and statement-making sculptures into otherwise plain spaces. In partnership with International Corporate Art (ICArt) and Living Walls, Peachtree Center is now home to two breathtaking murals and one sculptural hanging art piece in The Hub. Please see below for more information on the art and the artists behind them:

Hopare’s “Symphony”

Have you seen Downtown Atlanta’s largest and latest mural? We partnered with International Corporate Art (ICArt) and Living Walls to bring a new contemporary public art mural to Downtown Atlanta! This beautiful art has completely transformed a massive section of the our facade along Peachtree Center Avenue and has created a space that will foster a sense of excitement and creative energy for years to come.

The mural, titled “Symphony,” was designed and painted by Hopare, an acclaimed French street artist. Symphony represents not only his first piece of public art in the Southeast but serves as his largest work of art ever.

Also known as Alexandre Monteiro, Hopare is recognized for his distinctive approach to street art and graffiti, allowing him to connect with pedestrians and virtually transport them with his art. He is notably recognized for developing an interesting blend of figuration and abstraction through which he paints colorful work that dramatically contrasts the appearances of the streets. His murals can be found in prominent cities around the world, such as Paris, Venice and Montreal.

We’re encouraging everyone to share their experience with the mural using #symphonyatl on social media.

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about what “Symphony” means to the artist and see the mural painting process.

1010’s “Paradigm Shift” 

There’s nothing better than an office with a view – and when you’re looking at a rooftop, why not give it some flair?! Peachtree Center was thrilled to once again partner with Living Walls and International Corporate Art to transform the building rooftop at the rear of the Plaza, a vantage point for tenants in many of Peachtree Center’s six (6) office towers.

The mural named “Paradigm Shift,” was designed and painted by German-based artist, 1010. Renowned for his practice of creating obscure shapes underlined by amazing effects of optical illusion,1010 has been sharing his mysterious yet electric works of art across the globe for almost a decade – and we’re excited to be home to his latest masterpiece! Make sure to follow @PeachtreeCenter on Instagram for more photos and check out this TIMELAPSE video to see how “Paradigm Shift” came to be.

Peter Gentenaar’s “Burst of Sunlight” 

Natural light is a key element highlighted throughout the renovation of Peachtree Center’s common areas, so it’s only fitting to feature a suspended sculpture, entitled “Burst of Sunlight,” in The Hub’s main atrium.  The sculpture, which consists of bright yellow, paper-like material, was designed by renowned Dutch artist, Peter Gentenaar.  Gentenaar has mastered the art of paper making to create beautiful works of art that focus on the simplicity of color, texture and form.  This show-stopping masterpiece is visible throughout The Hub, as well as from the Plaza and Peachtree Street sidewalk along the front of the property.