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Peachtree Center is the Perfect Home for Nonprofits


Downtown Atlanta and its iconic Peachtree Center have long been a top choice for office tenants, especially now as the submarket buzzes with new activity. Its prime location on Peachtree Street makes it a mixed-use hub due to both the accessibility and surrounding conveniences of the area. It comes as no surprise that the stresses and challenges of running a nonprofit business can be eased by operating out of this centrally-located, amenity-rich site. With over 250,000 square feet currently leased by nonprofit tenants, Peachtree Center is the ideal location for their prospering operations.


One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Peachtree Center is its walkability. More than a buzzword, this factor is of the utmost importance in a city where car traffic has always been a norm. Scoring a 95/100 from Walk Score, Peachtree Center is a walker’s paradise that does not require a car. Both staff and visitors alike will enjoy the convenience of going by foot to enjoy the dining, services, and more available within minutes. Heather Rowles, executive director at Peachtree Center tenant Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC), said: “The walkability of Peachtree Center means hassle-free lunch breaks and meetings that are easily catered, leading to more time to focus on our mission.”


For those arriving from outside of downtown, numerous transit options just outside the door make accessibility a top quality. Nonprofits maintain immensely important relationships with many partners, meaning their office needs to be accessible to organizations and employees both locally and on an national level. Peachtree Center’s central location and different transit options make this a breeze. A MARTA station on the lower level gives access to Atlanta’s airport and other neighborhoods in minutes, with highways and pedestrian access also immediately available. Out-of-town visitors to a nonprofit can also access over 4,000 hotel rooms  via the many sky bridges connecting office buildings.


The work of nonprofits at Peachtree Center is a shining example of the good in downtown Atlanta. Benefitting the whole of the city and beyond, the Peachtree Center roster includes major organizations like MAAC, Beacon Health Systems, Behavioral Health Link and Vox Teen Communications. While these nonprofits range from educating the youth of Atlanta to improving lives around the region, their main mission is to succeed in helping others. Working from Peachtree Center gives these tenants a hub to do just that.


Overall, the accessibility of this location shines through as the ideal spot for nonprofit businesses. Without a doubt, the employees and visitors enjoy the convenience as well as numerous dining opportunities within a few steps. However, the most important factor at the end of the day is that the dedicated people at the center of nonprofit work feel that the space is safe, convenient, and professional. Peachtree Center surpasses these expectations for a location that allows nonprofits to thrive.


“Running a nonprofit business has special challenges and can be difficult,” said Rowles. “But working here makes it more enjoyable and – most importantly – helps us further our mission.”